“It is a denial of Justice not to stretch out a helping hand to the fallen that is the common right of humanity.”

– Seneca the Elder, Roman Philosopher

The word “Arpann” is a Hindi word, meaning “to give” or what we call “Dāna”. Mythologically, Arpann or the giving deeds has been regarded as holy and the very foundation of the civilization. The Vedas, Upanishads, Purans, Smritis, Quran, Bible, and many other religious texts affirm great worth on Dāna. Ramcharitmanas compares Dāna with an axe in the battle of life. As you slay enemies with a battle axe, so slay sins and hardships with Dāna. Anciently and even now charity occupies a great importance and holds an efficacy to accord basic necessities to needy ones.

India is the home of world’s one-fourth people who sleep empty bellied. There are numerous people who subsist in chilling winters in want of woolens. The world is flooded with can of worms, and AbhyutthÃnam attempts to pull the sufferers out from the inferno of their present life. The existence of billions of starving, poor, unclothed, homeless and destitute people points to the need of our project “Arpann”. These people are like the broken thread of the society. We believe that preservation of human existence is the first step of the ladder of human development.

This project aims to accord the needy people with the essential necessities of living like “Food to Hungry”, “Water to Thirsty”, “Cloth to Naked”, “Pen and Paper to one who wants to study”, “Guidance to one who is Lost”, etc.

Arpann focuses on assisting needy people to carry out their survival at ease as we consider that everybody is bestowed with right to live a dignified life. Arpann eventually seeks to facilitate AbhyutthÃnam in achieving its paramount goal of uplifting society.

Extend your support!

Donate your old stuff!

  • The clothes you have thrown in the corner can cover my naked body!
  • The shoes you discarded for the reason being out fashioned can prevent my naked feet to bleed!
  • You spend bountiful money on branded clothes but I don’t have even a handful of coins to purchase my school uniform!
  • You have laptops and computer but what I aspire are only a rubber and a pencil!
  • You change your home interior with seasons but I remain under tupik lying over two bamboos in all seasons!
  • You spend lavishing money to have the glance of all the colors of the worldly sights but what I need is spattering coloring pens to make on paper a colorful life!
  • The food stuff you certainly throw in the bin I cheerfully eat it from rags I pick!
  • The toys with which you played and now pushing to passive repository couldn’t even enter into my dreams!

This is just a single voice, there are flood of such voices who are screaming and asking you to advance your hand in giving “not in use used” stuffs to these needy beings. It’s painless for us to discard our old stuff but there are some people who are bearing pain in want of these old stuffs. The world is flooded with can of worms, and we could pull the sufferers out from the inferno of their lives by our small contribution. This is not to demand unsustainable and extensive contribution from you, this is just to demand your conscious and channelize not in use stuff to these needy people.

We organize ARPANN program for people of Bastis/slums. These people are like the broken thread of the society. They don’t have food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, books to read, pen/pencil to write, toys to play etc. We are blessed with these things and even more blessed that God have decided us to help his needy fellows. Your small contribution worth delight to needy’s life.

Donate New Stuff!

You may also make ARPANN of new stuff of considerable utility to these people. We organize need based drives/campaigns under the banner of ARPANN like ARPANN of woolens in winters, ARPANN of food items, ARPANN of study material to school going poor children etc. In order to support and trigger our need based campaigns, keep associated with us on our Events page.

We would be pleased to receive from you:

  • Sleepers
  • School Bags for Children
  • School Uniforms for Children
  • T-shirts [All size]
  • Trousers [All size]
  • Shirts [All size]
  • Jeans [All size]
  • Towel [All size]
  • Undergarments [Brand New]
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Soap [All type]
  • ShampooShoes [All size]
  • Socks [All size]
  • Vest Belt [All size]
  • Kitchen Items
  • Bed sheets
  • Notebooks
  • Books [All Classes]
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Drawing Colors
  • Drawing Books
  • Cosmetic Items for women
  • Furniture
  • Sanitary Pads for girls
  • Toys, playing items etc.

This is not a comprehensive list; contribution of any useful thing is heartily celebrated.
You could forward the stuff to Abhyutthanam Office and for more details contact us.

Donate Adhyan Hamper!

There are children who are nevertheless bestowed with Right to Education in schools yet are holding it without basic stuff which indeed completes it.
There are children who are chained in the ties of poverty and other disabilities and are still carrying their study books and other things in a polythene bag.
For these children, Education is still a struggle not an opportunity or blessing.
For them, you can sponsor “Adhyan Hamper” costing Rupees 350 encompassing:

  • School bag
  • Lunch Box
  • Water Bottle
  • Pencil Box
  • Sketch colors, Crayons and Color Pencils
  • A pack of Pencils, Erasers, Sharpener, Ruler

Illuminate innocent lives with small things which you in your childhood must have fantasized for because for plethora of children, this is not just a fantasy but an urgent need.

Your ARPANN is not just a berry to the needy yet primarily the need of your own vitality.

For more details, Contact us:

“मेरा नाम अर्पन है, मैं 7 साल की हूँ और मदारी का खेल दिखाती हूँ | मैंने बच्चों को स्कूल जाते देखा हैं, मैं भी पढ़ लिख कर अपनी किस्मत लिखना चाहती हूँ”

This is what Arpann aspires and alike there are thousands of children who want to study but are victimized by the hammer of poverty.

Children like Arpann are not eligible to study in Private school under RTE owing to their “Over-Age”. Further their parent’s unwillingness to send them in government schools have pushed them to fall prey to Child Labour.

Your small contribution could enlighten the lives of children like Arpann. COME and Sponsor a child’s Education in private school and STOP Child Labour.

AbhyutthÃnam is a linking thread linking you with the person most worthy of “Shiksha Daan”. You will be conferred with the child’s performance documents (both curricular and co-curricular) semi-annually or ahead of this as per your insistence. For your affinity towards child, you will be conferred with the background of child and schools’ contact specifics.

Visit to school or child’s home and Feel like a parent!

As per your inclination, you could also equip the child whom you affording Shiksha Daan with basic necessities like Clothes, Stationary, Shoes etc.

“SCHOOL BHARO AANDOLAN” is an initiative pointed towards the aim that every child irrespective of being poor or disadvantaged shall have access to elementary education bestowed under Article 21-A of Indian Constitution and Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009. Section 12 (1) (c) of the RTE Act is the most appealing and unique provision aiming the quality education and equality which is a rule for every democratic nation.

Under the scheme of this initiative, we mobilize through door step surveys the children (SC/ST/BPL/Physically handicapped/Orphan children) deprived of education in private schools and get them admitted and complete their education in nearby schools under RTE Act, 2009. We undertake to spread legal awareness regarding Right to education and accord all possible assistance in getting child admitted to respective private schools.

The journey of School Bharo Aandolan doesn’t ends with admissions only; our endeavor extends up to completion of elementary education without any hurdles or discrimination. We make sure that every child bears the fruits of law by getting all the facilities like Zero Fee, free books, No Punishment, No Discrimination, etc.

Activities under Intervention Plan

  • Evaluation and selection of Target areas

To climb the ladder one must begin from the bottom therefore the first step of our initiative was the evaluation and selection of the target areas. Since the beneficiaries of the RTE u/s 12(1)(c) are weaker and disadvantaged group children, we select the group of some Bastis (slums/shanty towns) where people belonging to weaker and disadvantaged sections usually resides.

  • Survey Form

After selecting the target area, we formulate the survey form according to all the requisites to fill the RTE forms.

  • Door-to-Door Surveys

The next step after formulating the survey forms is the collection of data. Our volunteers/ members conduct surveys in the target areas by means of survey forms and endeavor to make unaware people aware of their children’s right to education and their duty to send their children to schools. During the School Bharo Aandolan of session 2015-16, the task of convincing people to send their children to schools was the considerable challenge because they were nut shelled with their contemporary notions like “putting their children to earn money, or confining the daughters at home only, or the fear that their child would fell prey to self-deprecation”. Through surveys we mobilizethe necessary information which is required for filling of RTE forms.

  • Affixing posters/Banners/Pamphlets of School Bharo Aandolan

To have an extensive reach, we affix the posters/Banners/ Pamphlets of School Bharo Aandolan on public places specifying the eligibility of child for RTE admission and our contact details affording everyone to approach us and get their child’s or relatives’ online RTE form filled.

  • Forms on NGO’s Website

In addition to doorstep surveys, anyone can fill the form hereon this website and as per the information so filled we consequently fill the online RTE form if found eligible and reliable.

You can fill the details of child for RTE here: (LINK)

  • Online Application on RTE Portal

As per the data collected, we fill the online forms on RTE portal and made entries of the admission numbers.

You may yourself fill the RTE form on RTE portal at:

  • Assist in compilation of required documents

To avail RTE admission, comprehensive eligibility criteria is specified and for the verification of the same certain documents are required to be produced. An eligible child should not be left deprived of education for the want of documents thence we assist the needy unaware people in compilation of required documents.

  • Centralized Online Lottery

The RTE admissions are conducted through centralized lottery system and applicants are allotted schools on priority basis. The data as to allotment of schools to the applicantsis then assimilated and the applicants are duly communicated their allotted schools.

  • Reporting in Schools

Within 7(seven) days of announcement of the lottery, the children allotted with school is required to be reported in that school with all the required documents. We personally endeavor to let our targeted children report in the schools.

  • Final Admission

School Bharo Aandolan doesn’t come to an end by final admission; we constantly provide counseling to the street children and their parents so that they did not fall prey to self-deprecation.

The word “Arpann” is a Hindi word, meaning “to give” or what we call “Dāna”. Mythologically, Arpann or the giving deeds has been regarded as holy and the very foundation of the civilization. The Vedas, Upanishads, Purans, Smritis…