How Can You Help


“God subsists in every individual; he descends himself in every individual to efface sufferings of other beings”

Campaign, educate, raise funds, volunteer, share your work and ideas- get involved and efface the sufferings of needy beings in whatever way befits you. Shoulder Abhyutthanam society and start leading little lives to school from today.


Look around, find and register details of any child worthy of studying free in private school under RTE act!

Whenever and wherever you find a child corresponding to the eligibility enumerated below, don’t overlook, you can transform someone’s life by leading him/her to school by just filling his/her details here.

  • Eligibility Pictures
  • Form to be filled

Organize a social gathering, a marathon, or sell your old stuff and help raise funds to let every children sit in classroom!

You can also lend your valuable support by raising funds for our diverse initiatives by conducting social gatherings, running in marathon, donating proceeds of sale of old stuff, by putting Abhyutthanam donation box at your premises, etc. The money you raise will lead children breaking ties of numerous evils impeding his right to Education.

Become a fundraiser: Apply online

Come and spend softening time with the children we support!

You are welcomed to visit slums we are working in or to our partner organisations and add colors to the lives of children while interacting or playing with them. You can make little hands write ABC or recite with them your favorite rhyme. Sundays are worth spending with these children making colorful portraits or playing cricket. You may spend your birthday, Wedding anniversary or any event of success and delight with these children to sweeten it more.

The School and college students must indulge in community service in order to develop sense of social responsibility and a kind generous heart. Plurality of school and college students are the privileged ones, having access to get their WANTS fulfilled without even anticipating it. Whereas there are children who do not even access to get their basic NEEDS fulfilled. Meeting underprivileged children, understanding the harsh realities and endeavoring in facilitating them will make privileged ones appreciate and respect the lower crust of the society.

Picture: Smiling souls triggering serenity!

Students are welcomed to conduct collection drives in the school to collect old clothes, toys, books and are complemented to accompany us during the distribution drive for the same under our ARPANN initiative.

Students can directly interact with the underprivileged children and their parents to comprehend the glaring realities of the society and undertake to fix their problems.

Children are like wet clay and therefore students can mold them by extending learning skills like sitting, talking, walking, tying shoes, reading, and everything adding to their self-worth. These may include sessions pertaining to moral education, mannerism, discipline, cleanliness etc.

Every child love to wander in fantasy tales. The small yet valued morals of these tales lay a strong foundation in a child’s mind. So let’s become a storyteller and take our children to a fantasy journey.

Students may also visit our centers of collaborative organisation like cancer rehabilitation homes for children. Empathizing and distributing small gifts to children will spark revitalizing hopes and vigor in disabled or disease affected children to make the most of their lives.

Students are welcomed to make our children smile through poems, games, dramatic art, coloring canvas etc.

Expression of Innovation

We don’t want to miss even a single portrayal of our children who are in need of support.

Everyone around us is an artist or an expert in some particular field. Sometimes their proficiency doesn’t get conferred with satisfactory recognition it is actually worthy of. Share your artistic work like photographs, sketches, original literature etc. relating to children. Your artistic work after due consideration will be displayed on the website with your name affording wide reach and a platform of sharing and procuring art. Few selected original literature like articles, research papers, etc. will be published in Journals of our partners.

Click here to express your innovation:

Digital Form: (Name, Age, Occupation, Address, E-mail, Type of Art {Photograph, Sketch/painting, literary work}).

Submit a proposal

You can also share prevalence of any social evil in your locality impeding Education. We would love to assist you in eradicating the same.
We would also love to receive feedback from you and any other proposal or strategy we must adopt, alter or remove from our existing plans.
Speak out and Contribute to Change: (Name, Age, Occupation, Address, Email, Share your Opinion)

Gift of remembrance

Remember your loved ones and continue the legacy by helping others!
Nothing can soothe the pain and grief of losing our loved ones yet sharing your pain with those who are also suffering may certainly patch things for us. When we lose a hope in our life, creating one in other’s life will ordinarily create one for us.
The loved one you have lost might have once told you that he will become a star and you can see him right there in the sky. By bestowing a gift of remembrance you can see your loved one in the smile of our children and a memento in the name of your loved one.
Come and donate in variety of ways to our children in the memory and name of your loved ones.

To learn how you can bring smile to the little faces, contact us.

Propagate our Vision

Every drop makes an ocean, so as your support causing our vision to earn wings. The freedom from social evils will not be achieved by an individual or two rather all must unitedly fight to give it a reality. You can assist us in propagating our vision and let the deprived overcome their sufferings. You can share our work orally or through social media or do an awareness campaign on issues we are working on. Deliberate, Cogitate and Communicate on issues relating to Education while promoting it.

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