Shiksha Daan


“मेरा नाम अर्पन है, मैं 7 साल की हूँ और मदारी का खेल दिखाती हूँ | मैंने बच्चों को स्कूल जाते देखा हैं, मैं भी पढ़ लिख कर अपनी किस्मत लिखना चाहती हूँ”

This is what Arpann aspires and alike there are thousands of children who want to study but are victimized by the hammer of poverty.

Children like Arpann are not eligible to study in Private school under RTE owing to their “Over-Age”. Further their parent’s unwillingness to send them in government schools have pushed them to fall prey to Child Labour.

Your small contribution could enlighten the lives of children like Arpann. COME and Sponsor a child’s Education in private school and STOP Child Labour.

AbhyutthÃnam is a linking thread linking you with the person most worthy of “Shiksha Daan”. You will be conferred with the child’s performance documents (both curricular and co-curricular) semi-annually or ahead of this as per your insistence. For your affinity towards child, you will be conferred with the background of child and schools’ contact specifics.

Visit to school or child’s home and Feel like a parent!

As per your inclination, you could also equip the child whom you affording Shiksha Daan with basic necessities like Clothes, Stationary, Shoes etc.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]